The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Food Truck Needs A Website

1. Visibility and Reputation

When deciding where to eat these days, many people turn to their phones. A quick google search can easily turn out the top-rated food options nearby. It doesn’t stop there though, potential diners are scouring the internet to find out if you are open, what food you offer, how much they can expect to pay and what your reviews say. Like it or not, your web presence is your first impression. If your website is lacking or unprofessional, it can scare off potential guests. Some of them will take a chance, try you and love you, but some of them will go with the truck that has a clear menu and clean, high-resolution pictures. Modern day diners, especially when traveling, often rely on Google, Yelp and  your website to make decisions before heading out the door to their next meal. A final word on visibility: we cannot stress enough the importance of diners being able to easily locate your truck’s hours and location, especially if you move locations during the week. This can be done easily through a clear mention on your website and social media updates and reminders to grow anticipation.

2. Professionalism

On an island like Kauai, many foodie visitors are doing their research ahead of time, and they will want to see if you’ve done yours as well. They’re eagerly making lists of mouthwatering food they can’t wait to try. In some cases, an effective, well-presented website can psychologically relate to cleanliness and unfortunately, the same is true of the opposite. Websites that are outdated, ill-functioning, or non-existent, can make a diner feel uneasy about the quality of the establishment. However, when a website is polished and clear, visitors feel good about seeking you out. The food service industry is full of beautiful, high-end restaurant websites, all vying for your customers time and money, this is your competition. The bar has been raised and those who rise to meet it will continue to grow. Food trucks that have an excellent web presence, great reviews, terrific culinary presentation and memorable customer service are assuredly going to gain more loyal diners and natural word of mouth marketing. Be the truck that sets the bar for the food truck industry.

3. Google & Marketing

It’s no secret that where you rank on Google in a search result can make or break your food truck business. On an island with hefty tourist foot traffic, it is at best a missed opportunity if you don’t pop up in their search results, and at worst it pigeon-holes you into a category that only brings the drive-by or walk by traffic. The food trucks that stay top of mind, are the ones that stand to gain steady business. Marketing doesn’t need to be costly or time consuming, let RM Creators work with you to build a customized, community based marketing approach that will build a buzz around your name and branding. We believe that the food trucks have the best food on the island, our goal is to get the people to you so they can fall in love with your food. Let’s make it easy for your truck to be found, tried and loved.

4. Gain an Edge

Here at RM Creators, we want to help you gain an edge. We want to help you revolutionize the food truck industry. With companies like Uber and Lyft replacing cabs and Netflix replacing Blockbuster, it’s only a matter of time before food trucks claim their rightful place in the food industry as the Real Culinary Heroes.  For now, the reality remains, your fellow food truckers aren’t the only ones feeding the people. You’ve got to give the public a compelling reason to try you over the restaurant down the street. Your edge starts with a clean, professional website and gains with an easy-to-follow marketing plan. Sometimes, even the smallest changes can prove to yield a big profit long term. 

5. Catering !!!

It’s no secret, that as a food truck, one of the big opportunities you have is catering events. When speaking with our current food trucker clients, they simply stated: “catering is where the money is at.” To more easily reap the benefits of catering gigs, potential clients will need to know that you provide this service, which currently, only a handful of Kauai food trucks are currently taking advantage of. Don’t be a secret cook. Let’s announce to the island that you are available to cater events and give them a reason to call.